In case you don’t know who Voy Andrews is, he is a current client of mine who has lost a total of 111lbs in under a year working out just 1hr per day.  Voy lost 0 pounds from day 1-90.  Naturally, Voy was NOT happy about that.  Voy was undergoing a physical and mental learning process and had some work to do before he was working hard enough within that hour to be burning off the pounds.  This isn’t all about just pumping out exercises or jumping on the treadmill.

In this mornings workout Voy smirked at me and said, “You don’t have to hit a home run every time.”  And I was very pleased with myself as the relentless brain washing has finally set in and he is repeating this statement to himself regularly (if you know me you know I say this all the time, and probably once a day).  Voy knows I am out for blood everyday he comes into see me and I know many of the days he doesn’t want to come in at all, as I AM going to push him to reach for a home run (ie. perform  personal bests).  But, he shows up and does his best.  Realizing it’s the effort and long term progression that matters.

He got through the 90 day hump and less than 9 months later has lost an astonishing 111lbs and counting.  In those first 90 days Voy was seeking instant gratification.  We changed his understanding of the process and now has a better working mental structure that gets him through each day.  Had Voy chalked up his efforts merely to the first 90 days and gave up because it wasn’t coming fast enough he would have never gone through the life changing transformation.  In fact we even had this discussion on day 90. I won.  Now when it’s tough (basically, everyday) Voy knows how to get himself in and out and do the required work regardless of what he would rather do.

If you would liek to be brain washed for success like Voy,  read below.

Enjoy this Majuscule!

Brain Washed for Success: Killing Instant Gratification, Analysis Paralysis, Self Deception


We often get caught in mental traps and self deception habits that keep us from taking those first steps.  Tons of expectations and build up to go in and have the workout of your life, building, building, building, and waiting to take that leap into your amazing journey and transformation.

But, wait, nothing ever happened?  Procrastination, delays, and infinite reasons to never start.

What’s going on?

Many times people expect to much to fast or may even be worried about the pain/discomfort associated with undergoing such a process.  Or perhaps get stuck in the trap of doing only what they like to do (ladies: long slow runs and perhaps super light weights, and fellas: bench presses and bicep curls simply chasing big numbers in spite of proper form, ewww).

It dawned on me last night while having a conversation with a friend that nothing in life worth doing comes effortlessly or pain free. Humans typically opt for increasing pleasure and reducing pain as a survival mechanism, however this is a huge trap.  So much so that it’s funny to see how exercise recommendations have gotten more aggressive by the ‘experts,’ as they are now realizing they are more afraid of inactivity than over activity for the public.  The very conservative and loose exercise guidelines have helped build into peoples self deception that they can get healthy in just 15 minutes a day 3 times per week  (Yes, if you exercise plan is walking to the refrigerator, the former plan will make you MORE healthy).

Nothing is easy at first.  Nothing, learning to walk, speak, drive, read, tie your shoes, whatever.  A regular exercise program and healthy dietary habits are no different.  Everything has a price (Time, pain, money, sacrifices, failures, etc).  It is really important to learn to enjoy this journey and make it a lifestyle change or you will be one of the 90% + percent who relapse and gain the weight back or one of those who, “used to” be able to do this or that.  I have numerous clients into and well past their 50s in the best shape of their lives.

After thinking about this some more I thought of some of my favorite activities: Sex, working out, learning something new, and yes even social drinking….all of those things take effort, work, discomfort, and varying amounts of pain (to my knowledge everyone receiving this is over 18 years old;).  However, after some practice they all become some of the biggest pleasures in life.

The fear of failure perhaps?  It is very easy to not do anything and keep telling yourself you will.  Or you will do it tomorrow, etc.  This just leads to larger build ups, expectations, and even larger disappointment when things don’t turn out well…it’s been built into a monster at this point.   People get very cleaver with self deception in these situations and wait for the perfect time or exercise gimmick, diet plan, etc to make the magic happen.  Hell, I have made fun of wii fit and bosu balls many times but if that’s what works for you-AWESOME!  Sure, my programs sure are ‘magical’ but they DON’T do the work themselves.  They must be WORKED and you only get out what you put into them.  In fact, these programs work 100% of the time GURANTEED when they are given 100% dedication.  But 99% or less and all bets are off.

Ready, shoot,  aim.  There is no perfect time, place, or magical formula that you need to wait for or find.  You have everything you need right now to do it.  All you have to do is go.  The solutions, the path, the motivation, and progress will all come with time but ONLY if you start now without hesitation. If you don’t, it will be pushed back another week as all of life’s nuances fall back in the way and the cycle continues.  So don’t kid yourself for one second that you are going to be some workout superstar from day 1 (nor day 10,000 for that matter).  I have been working out for 19 years and I am still making drastic progress.  I have earned every set and every rep along the way and it has NEVER  been an ‘easy’ process.

Many of my clients are so successful simply because I hold them accountable to show up and do the work.  It is a daily process of talking yourself into it.  You may see others and think, “wow it’s just easy for them, etc.”  Nonsense, perception is reality, and you have no clue what their internal state or thought process is, and maybe they are just having a good day, or maybe they just always smile, or maybe things have not gotten hard for them, YET.   Or maybe they have seen the light, dealt with the struggles, and have overcome, don’t hate them for it.  They don’t have super powers, they have will power.

Likewise, I mandate that my clients progress over time and show improvements in all forms of exercise, they never get to comfortable.   HOWEVER, they know I don’t expect them to hit a grand slam home run every time.  We are usually always swinging for the fence in some fashion, but struggle and failure is part of the process.  NO one bats 1000%.  That’s what this journey is about. Showing up.  Putting in the time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day right?

I even have many people feel embarrassed and ashamed when they come into the gym and say things like, “oh you probably think I am so week, or in pathetic shape, etc.” Like I am going to judge them or something!? Those thoughts NEVER cross my mind.  I have TONS of respect for anyone who steps up and tries regardless of ability.  I have seen men squat over 1000 lbs before, lift world record weights, and on the other hand I have seen someone not even have the strength to lift an empty barbell. It is irrelevant, I respect them both the same because they both stepped up to the barbell and tried.  I am only concerned with the mental EFFORT given.

The secret element is the wherewithal and perseverance to show up and put the work in regardless of what the short term outcome may be.  Being comfortable being uncomfortable and not seeing immediate results from one day of work.  Once you break free from this short sided thinking and harness the process, before you know it results appear.  Everyone has a relative ability compared to the next person and what impresses me is when someone does the best they can with what they’ve got….but not ultimately by what’s on the bar.  However, setting personal goals and smashing them is an addictive thrill and without them you will eventually end up spinning your wheels.  Do the best with what you have and always stay hungry as the process is never over, there really is no final destination.

If I know someone is capable of more, yet not putting in the effort, yes, that disgusts me.  What a waste.  I am truly more excited to see someone do or try something they have never done before (perhaps a pushup for the first time after working on a chest press machine) than a blowhard who is all hat and no cattle.

This journey is about nothing else other than yourself and personal development, not to show off to the world or please someone else.  The work and EFFORT you put in is what counts.  This can be one of the most rewarding journeys you ever partake in and will maximize your experience on earth in everyway.  To break free from the trap of inaction, realize this is a lifetime journey that will have peaks and valleys of good and bad times.  Setting forth idealistic expectations or comparing yourself to others is setting yourself up for major disappointment.  You must have goals but you also need to find perseverance and the daily internal motivation to get through the good and bad times.  Start now and never give up.

Otherwise, maybe a strong cup of coffee might work?

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