Hi Justin & Shawn,

The magnitude of this short story may be lost on you since you are, of course, guys. No, it is not as exciting as the day I will someday compete in a weightlifting meet, and I must apologize that it is about shopping, but I’m gonna tell you anyway.

Saturday was my last day in Rome, the only free day after a conference, so I went shopping with a friend. Being guys, you must be aware of the stereotype of Italian women being very petite and wearing only skin tight black clothes, (this season trimmed in fur or leather). So in one of the many shops, I saw a skirt I wanted to try on and the “helpful/ up-selling” sales girl kept suggesting many, many more things for me to try. So there I was in Rome, with a tiny Italian woman bringing me size SMALL in everything to try on…..and EVERYTHING fit. It was such a shock!! Of course I had to buy one of each, plus the boots 😉 Even if they wouldn’t have fit; for her to look me up and down and decide on small was already really something. Sales girls can be more unforgiving than you guys with your calipers!

I never thought in my lifetime that I would wear an Italian small! I don’t feel small yet, but when you see my 3 month number on Saturday, you won’t believe it!! Rome was my best week so far:-) Simple, when in Rome…no pasta, pizza, bread, tiramisu or gelato! I brought my own food. You two really set the example for me in being prepared with your duffel bag story Justin and your blue cooler Shawn. I am not a planner, or organized about anything else, but I never leave home without my fuel, ever!

I have a quick trip to Paris in 2 weeks; this new body could get very expensive! But so worth it, and so much fun!!:-)

Thank you both so much!! Hope you’ve having a great week guys! ‘

ciao, Suzy

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