1)      Why do we promote that ALL of our clients build up to getting 6 days of exercise 6 days per week? A

  1. It is very hard to train and develop all elements of fitness from strength training, mobility/flexibility, core, cardiovascular, fat loss, muscle gain, etc  in a mere 3 hours per week.    Results come faster and health parameters from blood sugar, blood pressure, blood lipids, etc. are all substantially improved over that of 3 days or less training programs.  Most are inefficient exercisers at and cannot get a sufficient amount if exercise within an hour at first and results will suffer on the front end leading to fallout from lack of results immediately.  2-3 days per week is merely only enough to notice some marginal improvements in strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility (not much in the way of body composition or calorie balance).  It takes the pressure off of each day to be such a huge success and allows effort to be spread out (Ex. Which is better? Burn 500 calories 3 days per week or 400 calories 6 days per week?).  ‘By the yard it’s hard but, inch by inch, it’s a cinch!’  Also, when people strive for 6 days per week and miss a day and only get 5, they are doing way better if they are on a 3 day program and miss a day and end up with 2 days.  You will find better mental focus and consistency in those who show up daily vs. those who exercise every other day.  Finally, if you are going to eat, sleep, and rest everyday it is only natural that you do a little physical work.
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