7 Quick Tips for a Healthy Holiday Hunger Habits!

1¨ Skip the basting.  Choose a plain turkey or plain ham and cook it in a bag to seal in the moisture.  And remove the skin before serving.

2¨ Refrigerate the turkey or ham juices and skim off the hardened fat before making gravy and use a gravy cup that pours from the bottom to minimize fat.

3¨ Use ingredients like whole wheat bread, vegetables, fruits (cranberries, raisins, dates or apples), nuts and your favorite spices for the stuffing and bake it in the oven rather than in the turkey.

4¨ Serve your sweet potatoes or yams baked rather than candied and let your guests add butter to taste.

5¨ Use skim milk or buttermilk rather than whole milk and skip the butter for your mashed potatoes.

6¨ Give your meal gourmet appeal by cooking your green vegetables with garlic, nuts and herbs rather than creamy or fat-laden sauces.

7¨ Don’t serve the meal on your largest plates.  By using smaller plates you ensure smaller portion size and even that second helping isn’t quite so damaging.

The Holidays By The Numbers

-32 Miles Per Hour – The top speed of a reindeer.

-778 Hours – The time it would take one to fly around the globe at that pace.

-128.6° F -The lowest official temperature recorded on earth, in Vostok, Antartica, in 1983.

-5 Million Tons -The amount of trash produced by Americans between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.  That’s 25 percent more than we generate in a typical five- or six-week period during the rest of the year.

-602-The number of dreidels spun simultaneously in a “Spin Off” at the University of Maryland’s Hillel back in December 2007.

-266,00-the number of fat calories no longer living with Voy


November’s Lab Rat of the month is…

Voy Andrews

Voy seen here getting ready to leg press 810 for 10 reps!

Every month we choose one client who has done
something exceptional that inspires us all…This month Voy’s highlights are:

Voy turns 50 December 11th…and for the record this year is his first ever of any structured exercise..And look at these awesome results!!!

-Lost a total of 76lbs!
-60 Push ups!
Dead lifts of 275 x 5 reps

Watch for YOUR name here in a coming month! If you have won Lab Rat of the month you are nominated for the Lab Rat of the year award!  Winner will receive their own reserved parking spot close to the gym door!

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